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Dobromir Dobrev

Dobromir Dobrev


I was born in Haskovo in 1987. I started as a volunteer for BSPB in 2001. I have been participating in Imperial Eagle and vulture conservation projects in Bulgaria till 2006. Then I started my bachelor's degree in ecology in Plovdiv University. In 2010 I defended a bachelor thesis on the "Behavior of the Eastern Imperial Eagle during breeding season". Two years later I defended my master's degree in ecology on the theme "Influence of habitat changes on the breeding parameters of the Eastern Imperial Eagle in Sakar mountains, Bulgaria". Meanwhile I've been working with Griffon vulture monitoring and conservation in Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria and as a volunteer and field assistant in Imperial Eagle and Egyptian Vulture projects in Bulgaria. At present time I am working in BSPB's office in Plovdiv as a regional coordinator of the society.

Bulgarian society for the protection of birds/Birdlife Bulgaria
Leonardo da Vinci str. 5  
Plovdiv,  Plovdiv  4000  Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (0)879 822 316
Email: dobromir.dobrev@bspb.org

   Research Interests

Population dynamics and raptors ecology, especially ethology and habitats studies

Species of Interest: 
  • Falco cherrug
  • Falco peregrinus
  • Gypaetus barbatus
  • Coragyps atratus
  • Neophron percnopterus
  • Gyps fulvus
  • Aquila fasciata
  • Aquila chrysaetos
  • Aquila heliaca


No publication information is available from this site.

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