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Vitaly Vetrov

Vitaly Vetrov


In 1985 I graduated from biological-geographical faculty of Lugansk pedagogical institute. In the same year I became a post-graduate in state university in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Since 1990 and till 1998 I had worked in Lugansk pedagogical institute (university since 1996) as a lecturer. In 1994 a first bird protection society was organised in Ukraine (Ukrainian Union for Bird Conservation, UUBC) and since that time I has participated vigorously in all its activities. For 8 years (since 1994) I had worked in UUBC council being simultaneously a head of Lugansk branch of UUBC since 1994 year. I took part in all major projects of UUBC literally and especially in those aimed at ascertaining the status and estimating the distribution and numbers of rare and threatened birds of prey in Ukraine and Russia. In 1996 I have worked in Kampinos national park in Poland to participate in raptor counts. I was at lead of two projects of UUBC on Imperial Eagle and on Lesser Spotted Eagle. In recent years I worked intensively on South -Ukrainian Saker population (birds use nests only on electric poles of certain design). Now I am an expert on raptors at UUBC council. I have about 60 scientific publications mainly on distribution, numbers and ecology of birds of prey.

Lugansk branch of Ukrainian Union for Bird Conservation
Internationalnaya str., 73 Lugansk 91002 Ukraine  
Lugansk,  Lugansk region  91002  Ukraine
Phone: +38-0642-52-79-46
Email: milobog@osp.alba.dp.ua (for Vitaly Vetrov)

   Research Interests

I am particularly interested in distribution and abundance of birds of prey, and also in ecology of raptors. One major focus of my research activity is on proper design and methodology for surveys on distribution and the numbers of certain raptor species. Such design is of crucial importance when it is necessary to assess the population state at vast territory and in time shortage conditions.

In addition to the diurnal raptor species listed below, I also have a research interest in Eagle Owls (Bubo bubo).

Species of Interest: 
  • Long-legged Buzzard
  • Lesser Spotted Eagle
  • Imperial Eagle
  • Saker Falcon
  • Levant Sparrowhawk


No publication information is available from this site.

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