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Eastern Buzzard
Buteo japonicus

Status: Lower risk

Population Trend: Increasing.

Other Names: 

Buteo japonicus
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Distribution: Indomalayan/Palearctic. Breeds from the Lake Baikal area and MONGOLIA east through Amurland and northeastern CHINA to SAKHALIN ISLAND, JAPAN, and the KURIL ISLANDS south to TIBET and probably northwestern INDIA; winters in southern ASIA from INDIA to eastern and southern CHINA, KOREA, and southern JAPAN. more....

Subspecies: 3 races. B.j. japonicus: Breeds from Lena to the Sea of Okhotsk, Russian Far East, Sakhalin Island, JAPAN, and northeastern CHINA; winters in KOREA, southern JAPAN, and eastern and southern CHINA; B. b. oshiroi: Daito Is. to east of central RYUKYU ISLANDS; B.j. toyoshimai Endemic to Ogasawara Island. more....

Taxonomy: Based on molecular studies, Riesing et al. (2003) and Kruckenhauser et al. (2004) proposed treating populations of japonicus as a full species, and they were followed by Amaral et al. (2009). This taxon has been periodically separated from Buteo buteo since it was described, based on morphological characters.

Movements: Partial migrant, with the most northern breeding populations wintering in more southerly areas. more....

Conservation: Categorized by BirdLife International (2009) as a species of "Least Concern" (under the species account for Buteo buteo).

Important References: 
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Current Research: This species account is not yet finished.

Last modified: 5/15/2014

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