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Eastern Marsh Harrier
Circus spilonotus

Status: Lower risk

Population Trend: Unknown.

Other Names: Eastern Marsh-harrier.

Circus spilonotus
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Distribution: Palearctic. Southeastern SIBERIA, Russian Far East, and MONGOLIA to USSURILAND, SAKAHLIN ISLAND, northeastern CHINA, and northern JAPAN; winters from Southeast Asia, southern CHINA, southern JAPAN, and KOREA to INDONESIA, PHILIPPINES, and BORNEO. more....

Subspecies: Monotypic.

Taxonomy: Formerly considered to be a subspecies of C. aeruginosus (Voous 1977, Stepanyan 1990), and there is some hybridization where the two meet in central Siberia (Voous 1965). However, they are highly distinct morphologically (Amadon 1978). The form spilothorax, formerly regarded as a subspecies of spilonotus, was treated as a full species by Simmons (2000), who is followed here. Wink and Sauer-Gürth (2004) confirmed that C. aeruginosus, C. ranivorus, C. approximans, C. maillardi, C. macrosceles, and this species form a monophyletic group, based on evidence from the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene.

Movements: Partial migrant (Bildstein 2006). more....

Habitat and Habits: Soars over marshes, ponds, reedbeds, mangroves, intertidal mudflats, and other watered areas. Roosts in flocks in winter (Sheldon et al. 2001). more....

Food and Feeding Behavior: Preys on small mammals, birds, frogs, and insects (Kennedy et al. 2000, Sheldon et al. 2001). Also feeds on carrion. more....

Conservation: Widespread and farily common in eastern Asia. Classified globally as a species of "Least Concern" by BirdLife International (2009). more....

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Saharudin, Muhd Hakim
Scott, Don

Last modified: 5/20/2010

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