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Black-mantled Sparrowhawk
Accipiter melanochlamys

Status: Lower risk

Population Trend: Stable.

Other Names: Black-mantled Accipiter, Black-mantled Goshawk.

Accipiter melanochlamys
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Distribution: Australasian. Endemic to NEW GUINEA. more....

Subspecies: 2 races. A. m. melanochlamys: Western New Guinea; A. m. schistacinus: Central and eastern New Guinea.

Taxonomy: Regarded as monotypic by Brown and Amadon (1968) and Sibley and Monroe (1990).

Movements: Non-migratory, but juveniles disperse from breeding areas (Bildstein 2006).

Habitat and Habits: Occurs in montane forest, usually within forest, but also at forest edges and in adjacent gardens; it also soars over forest (Beehler et al. 1986, Coates and Peckover 2001). Peckover and Filewood (1976) mentioned that it also enters regrowth, gardens, and groves of Casuarina, and Ripley (1964) collected an immature male that was hawking prey in casuarinas and gardens. Beehler (1978) described its habitat in the Wau region as "mid- and upper montane forest."

Food and Feeding Behavior: Feeds on small mammals, bird, frogs, and insects (Filewood and Peckover 1976). Majnep and Bulmer (1977) stated that it pursues the pigeon Gymnophaps albertsii in the forest, at the forest edge, and in the air. more....

Breeding: According to Majnep and Bulmer (1977), the nest is built in tall trees, including Pandanus, within the forest. There is no further published information, and the egg is undescribed.

Conservation: Apparently uncommon to rare throughout its limited range. Diamond (1972) mentioned that there were less than 30 specimens exist from its entire range. However, it may be overlooked because of its unobtrusive habits. It is categorized globally as a species of "Least Concern" by BirdLife International.

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Black-mantled Sparrowhawk photos.

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