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Madagascar Sparrowhawk
Accipiter madagascariensis

Status: Near Threatened

Population Trend: Declining.

Other Names: 

Accipiter madagascariensis
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Distribution: Afrotropical. Endemic to MADAGASCAR. more....

Subspecies: Monotypic.

Taxonomy: Forms a superspecies with A. nisus, A. rufiventris, and possibly the A. striatus complex (Kemp 1994).

Movements: Non-migratory, but juveniles disperse from breeding areas (Bildstein 2006).

Habitat and Habits: Occurs mainly in primary forest, including dry and thorn forests from sea level to 1,500 m (Langrand 1990). Rand (1936) described it as a species that flies low through the trees, perching in inconspicuous places concealed by the foliage. He saw one soaring high above a savanna, but this seems to be unusual for this species. Thiollay (1998) found that it favors dense canopy forest with a relatively open understory, where it perches at middle levels. more....

Food and Feeding Behavior: Feeds mainly on small birds and insects, which it captures on the wing, but also takes reptiles, frogs, turtles, and rodents on the ground. more....

Breeding: Builds a flat stick nest of coarse sticks placed high in the crotch of a forest tree. Three nesting attempts were observed at two different nest sites from 1993-1996 on the Masoala Peninsula (Thorstrom and René de Roland 2000). Clutch size is three eggs, which are white and lightly marked with brown. Rand (1936) reported a nest with eggs from November. more....

Conservation: The status of this species is not well known, but it is probably more common than records indicate because of its unobtrusive habits. Thorstrom and René de Roland (2000) did not regard it as presently threatened, but it will likely be affected by any future deforestation. Categorized globally as "Near Threatened" by BirdLife International, who also state the populations are declining.

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Rene de Roland, Lily-Arison

Last modified: 5/15/2014

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