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Sulawesi Goshawk
Accipiter griseiceps

Status: Lower risk

Population Trend: Declining.

Other Names: Sulawesi Crested Goshawk, Celebes Crested Goshawk.

Accipiter griseiceps
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Distribution: Indomalayan. SULAWESI and Togian, Muna, and Butung Islands. more....

Subspecies: Monotypic.

Taxonomy: Forms a superspecies with A. trivirgatus (Mayr 1949, Wattel 1973), The immature plumages of the two species are almost indistinguishable, but the adult plumages are quite different. Since all the subspecies of A. trivirgatus are so similar to each other and so different from A. griseiceps, the separation of the two species seems justified (van Marle and Voous 1946).

Movements: Non-migratory, but juveniles disperse from breeding areas (Bildstein 2006).

Habitat and Habits: Inhabits primary lowland, hill, and montane forest, and mangroves, tall secondary woodland, and the vicinity of villages. Seldom observed, since it frequents the forest interior. Usually seen singly, rarely in pairs (Coates and Bishop 1997).

Food and Feeding Behavior: Feeds on small mammals, birds, lizards, and large insects, which it captures by hiding in dense foliage and swooping down on prey on the ground (Coates and Bishop 1997).

Breeding: No information.

Conservation: A poorly studied species. Categorized globally as a species of "Least Concern" by BirdLife International.

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