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Guadalupe Caracara
Caracara lutosus

Status: Extinct

Population Trend: Stable.

Other Names: 

Caracara lutosus
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Distribution: Neotropical. Extinct. Formerly endemic to GUADALUPE ISLAND off western MEXICO.

Subspecies: Monotypic.

Taxonomy: Formerly placed in the genus Polyborus, but Banks and Dove (1992) provided the basis for using the generic name Caracara. This form is possibly just a subspecies of C. cheriway (e.g., Stresemann and Amadon 1979, Amadon and Bull 1988), but Dove and Banks (1999) argued for treating it as a full species, based on morphological differences.

Movements: Presumably non-migratory.

Habitat and Habits: Lowlands.

Food and Feeding Behavior: Presumably like the mainland form.

Breeding: No information.

Conservation: Extinct. Last reported in 1903 (Howell and Cade 1953).

Important References: 
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Current Research: This species account is not yet completed.

Last modified: 5/15/2014

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