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Henicopernis longicauda

Additional details on Distribution:

Apparently rare in the Western Highlands. Mayr and Gilliard (1954) thought that it must be common in the Wahgi Valley, based on the number of tail and wing feathers of this species worn in the headdresses of the Wahgi Valley men, but Gilliard saw it only once above 5,000 ft. (1,524 m).

Gyldenstolpe (1955) encountered it only twice during a 3 1/2-month stay in the Wahgi Valley in 1951, and he concluded that this species is uncommon there.

Occurs on Aru, West Papuan, and Japen Islands and in all of New Guinea (Rand and Gilliard 1967).

Diamond (1972) noted that "While hawks are not numerous in the Eastern Highlands, this species is among the less uncommon." He saw it regularly in all parts of the Eastern Highlands and regarded it as one of the two most common hawks there along with the Brahminy Kite.

Endemic to New Guinea, Aru Islands, western Papuan Islands (Misol, Salawati, Batanta, Waigeu), and islands in Geelvink Bay (Biak and Yapen) (Coates 1985).

Widespread and fairly common from sea level to mid-montane levels, occasionally to 3,000 m (Beehler 1978, Coates and Peckover 2001).

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