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          The GRIN bibliography is restricted to references on diurnal raptor species. By August 2008 it contained 38,257 records, with additional citations being added daily. We work hard to ensure accuracy and completeness in the records and suggested corrections or additions are greatly appreciated.

          The GRIN bibliographic database is stored in Reference Manager 11. In theory, at least, search results are downloadable to Reference Manager and other similar bibliographic programs, including Procite, Endnote, and Papyrus. We havenít yet experimented with such downloads, so we will appreciate any feedback from GRIN visitors who have tried this (especially those who were successful!).

          Some important references for each species are provided in their respective species accounts, but these somewhat eclectic lists are intended to serve mainly as entry points to the pertinent literature. For almost all species, more comprehensive and focused reference lists can be generated from the searchable GRIN bibliography.

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