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          One of the most important functions of GRIN is to facilitate communication between raptor researchers. One of the best ways to make this happen is to link our website to the homepages of researchers who already have them, or to provide the opportunity for those who don't to create personal homepages on GRIN. Researchers are encouraged to note species of particular interest to them, and their homepages will be linked to the corresponding species accounts.

          For those who do not already have a personal homepage, instructions for creating one on GRIN can be found under the "Participate in GRIN" option. Following submission of their basic contact data, researchers will receive an acknowledgement and a password, which will allow them to edit their homepage content, including the addition of their raptor publications. Photographs should be sent to grin@peregrinefund.com for addition to the homepages.

          As of August 2008, the GRIN researcher database included homepages of 216 participants, representing 63 countries. Participation in this aspect of GRIN is limited to actual raptor researchers and people involved in raptor conservationists to maintain the intended focus of GRIN. Persons with other interests, e.g., raptor rehabilitation, raptor education, or birding, are encouraged to participate in other web-based projects for those worthwhile activities.

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