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Darcy Ogada

Darcy Ogada


Darcy was fortunate to grow up with a small forest behind her house in upstate New York and at a time when it was safe for kids to explore the outdoors on their own. She also grew up on skis. Her mom put her on downhill skis in the backyard at the age of 3 and during primary school she would x-country ski to and from school through the woods. Her first love was frogs. When she wasn’t in the woods collecting frogs, she was playing all kinds of sports, softball, swimming, horseback riding, skiing, and later ice hockey. Ironically, she has lived in Kenya for most of her professional life and the only snow she sees now is on the top of Mt Kenya. She developed a love of birds while in university and studied bald eagles on the Hudson River upon graduation. She loves hiking, camping and exploring Kenya and Africa with her young son. Darcy works for The Peregrine Fund’s Africa Program and lives in central Kenya.

The Peregrine Fund
Box 1629  
Nairobi,    00606  Kenya
Email: ogada.darcy@peregrinefund.org

   Research Interests

Darcy’s projects are primarily focused on the ecology and conservation of birds of prey, though she has a broad interest in many organisms, especially small mammals. She is particularly interested in the impacts raptors have on community processes and in gaining a better understanding of raptor disease ecology.

Species of Interest: 
  • Eagle owls
  • Pel's Fishing Owl
  • African grass owl
  • Bearded Vulture
  • Lappet-faced Vulture
  • White-headed Vulture
  • Long-billed Vulture
  • Egyptian Vulture
  • White-backed Vulture
  • Ruppell's Vulture
  • Hooded Vulture
  • Mackinder's Eagle Owl


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