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Yula Kapetanakos

Yula Kapetanakos


I have been interested in wildlife conservation issues for over two decades. My interest in conservation was sparked as I was working towards my B.S. in Zoology from the Univ. of Maryland. After graduating in 1993, I worked at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center as a biological aide primarily in the Whooping Crane breeding center. I later completed a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology, and then moved to NYC where I worked for eight years as the Assistant Animal Curator for the Wildlife Conservation Society's Central Park Zoo. Currently, I am a sixth year PhD student within Cornell University's Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department. My doctoral research focuses on the demographics of Asian vultures, specifically in Kazakhstan and Cambodia.

Cornell University and Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Cornell Lab of Ornithology  159 Sapsucker Woods Rd.
Ithaca,  NY  14850  United States
Email: yak4@cornell.edu

   Research Interests

My current research interests include vulture demographics and conservation, conservation and population genetics, genetic mark-recapture, and osprey ecology and reproductive strategies.

Species of Interest: 
  • Gyps tenuirostris
  • Gyps bengalensis
  • Gyps himalayensis
  • Gyps fulvus
  • Aegypius monachus
  • Sarcogyps calvus
  • Pandion haliaetus


Capps, K.A., M.A. Davison, Y.A. Kapetanakos, J.M. Moslemi, and C.E. Wagner. 2011. Crossing borders: promoting graduate research in the developing world. http://www.frontiersinecology.org/

Katzner, T.E., M. Wheeler, J.J. Negro, Y. Kapetanakos, J.A. DeWoody, M. Horvath, and I. Lovette. 2011. To pluck or not to pluck: scientific methodologies should be carefully chosen, not ‘one size fits all’. Journal of Avian Biology 43:15-17.

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