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Ivan Pokrovsky

Ivan Pokrovsky


since 2013 - Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (Germany)
2012 - PhD. Institute of Ecology and Evolution (Russia) and Tromso University (Norway)
2007 - Masters. Moscow State University (Russia)

Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
 Russia (European)
Phone: +7 916 298 82 11, +49 1575 527 1543
Email: ivanpok@mail.ru, ipokrovsky@orn.mpg.de

   Research Interests

Arctic raptors
Northern ecosystems
Ecology and conservation of raptors
Tundra food webs

Species of Interest: 
  • White-tailed Eagle
  • Steller's Sea Eagle
  • Common Buzzard
  • Rough-legged Hawk
  • Golden Eagle
  • Merlin
  • Gyrfalcon
  • Peregrine Falcon


Flack, A.; Fiedler, W.; Blas, J.; Pokrovsky, I.; Kaatz, M.; Mitropolsky, M.; Aghababyan, K.; Fakriadis, I.; Makrigianni, E.; Jerzak, L. ; Azafzaf, H.; Feltrup-Azafzaf, C.; Rotics, S.; Mokotjomela, T. M.; Nathan, R.; Wikelski, M. 2016. Costs of migratory decisions: A comparison across eight white stork populations. Science Advances 2 (1)

Ehrich, D.; Ims, R. A.; Yoccoz, N. G.; Lecomte, N.; Killengreen, S.; Fuglei, E.; Rodnikova, A.; Ebbinge, B.; Menyushina, I.; Nolet, B. ; Pokrovsky, I.; Popov, I. Y.; Schmidt, N. M.; Sokolov, A. A.; Sokolova, N. A.; Sokolov, V. A. 2015. What can stable isotope analysis of top predator tissues contribute to monitoring of tundra ecosystems? Ecosystems 18 (3), 404-416

Pokrovsky, I.; Ehrich, D.; Ims, R. A.; Kondratyev, A. V.; Kruckenberg, H.; Kulikova, O.; Mihnevich, J.; Pokrovskaya, L.; Shienok, A. 2015. Rough-Legged Buzzards, Arctic Foxes and Red Foxes in a Tundra Ecosystem without Rodents. PLoS One 10 (2)

Pokrovsky, I.; Ehrich, D.; Ims, R. A.; Kulikova, O.; Lecomte, N.; Yoccoz, N. G. 2014. Diet, nesting density, and breeding success of rough-legged buzzards (Buteo lagopus) on the Nenetsky Ridge, Arctic Russia. Polar Biology 37 (4), 447-457

Pokrovsky, I., D. Ehrich, R.A. Ims, O. Kulikova, N. Lecomte, and N.G. Yoccoz. 2012. Assessing the causes of breeding failure among the Rough-legged Buzzard (Buteo lagopus) during the nestling period. Polar Research 31:1-5.       pdf

Pokrovsky, I.G. 2012. A method of stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis in assessment of the diet of birds of prey. Biology Bulletin 39(7):590592

Ehrich D., J.-A. Henden, R.A. Ims, L.O. Doronina, S.T. Killengren, N. Lecomte, I.G. Pokrovsky, G. Skogstad, A.A. Sokolov, V.A. Sokolov, and N.G. Yoccoz. 2012. The importance of willow thickets for ptarmigan and hares in shrub tundra: the more the better? Oecologia 168:141-151

Pokrovsky, I., and N. Lecomte. 2011. Comparison of Gyrfalcon distributions between the Palearctic and Nearctic. Pp. 65-70 in R.T. Watson, T.J. Cade, M. Fuller, G. Hunt, and E. Potapov (eds.), Gyrfalcons and ptarmigan in a changing world. Vol. I. The Peregrine Fund, Boise, ID.       pdf

Pokrovsky, I., N. Lecomte, A. Sokolov, V. Sokolov, and N.G. Yoccoz. 2010. Peregrine falcons kill a Gyrfalcon feeding on their nestling. Journal of Raptor Research 44(1):66-69

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