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Michael Wierda

Michael Wierda


Dr. Michael Wierda is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment. He has 8 years experience working handling a variety of Avian species. Most recently Dr. Wierda has spent 6 years working w/ multiple Haliaeetus spp. including banding and sampling of nestling eagles and sampling of captive adult breeding. Dr. Wierda continues his research interest at University of Arizona as he investigates population genetics of bald eagles

University of Arizona
1306 E 7th St  
Tucson,  AZ  85719  United States
Phone: 8649032959
Email: mwierda@email.arizona.edu

   Research Interests

population and conservation genetics, genetic diversity of the south-western bald eagle population, possible genetic isolation of south-western bald eagles, philopatry in bald eagles, monogamy related to reproductive success, and so much more. Speaking of which I need to get back to research.

Species of Interest: 
Bald Eagle


Grubb, T. G., D. K. Delaney, W. W. Bowerman, and M. R. Wierda. 2010. Golden Eagle indifference to heli-skiing and military helicopters in northern Utah. Journal of Wildlife Management 74:1275-1285.

Leith, K. ., W.W. Bowerman, M.R. Wierda, D.A. Best, T.G. Grubb, and J.G. Sikarske. 2010. A comparison of techniques for assessing central tendency in left-censored data using PCB and p,p'DDE contaminant concentrations from Michigan's Bald Eagle Biosentinel Program. Chemosphere 80:7-12.

Venier, M., M. Wierda, W.W. Bowerman, and R.A. Hites. 2010. Flame retardants and organochlorine pollutants in Bald Eagle plasma from the Great Lakes region. Chemosphere 80:1234-1240.

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