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Carlos Silva-Quintas

Carlos Silva-Quintas


Ornithologist and Wildlife Photographer

Currently, I am working on the environmental education program "Raptors of Chile". The program is applied principally in primary schools in Chilean Patagonia and teaches about the biology of birds of prey and their role in the ecosystem.

"The patience is a bitter roots tree... but sweet fruits!"

Email: csilvaquintas@gmail.com

   Research Interests

I am interested in topics such as environmental education, captive breeding, parasitology, dietary assessment, banding and monitoring of Sub-Antarctic raptors.

Species of Interest: 
  • Chilean Hawk
  • Rufous-tailed Hawk
  • Black-chested Buzzard-eagle
  • Harris's Hawk
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Striated Caracara
  • Austral Pygmy Owl
  • Magellanic Horned Owl


No publication information is available from this site.

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