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Tim Hipkiss

Tim Hipkiss


I'm a British wildlife biologist based in Sweden. My research has focused on Tengmalm's owls (breeding ecology) and golden eagles (wind farm management). I currently work as an environmental consultant.

EnviroPlanning AB
Lilla Bommen 5C  
Göteborg,    SE-411 04  Sweden
Email: tim.hipkiss@enviroplanning.se

   Research Interests

All aspects of owl ecology.
Effects of cyclic voles on raptor ecology.
Wind farm effects on raptors.

Species of Interest: 
  • Tengmalm's (Boreal) Owl
  • Golden Eagle


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Hipkiss, T., B. Hörnfeldt, U. Eklund, and S. Berlin. 2002. Year-dependent sex-biased mortality in supplementary-fed Tengmalm's Owl nestlings. Journal of Animal Ecology 71: 693–699.       pdf

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Hipkiss, T., and B. Hörnfeldt. 2004. High interannual variation in the hatching sex ratio of Tengmalm’s Owl broods during a vole cycle. Population Ecology 46: 263–268.        pdf

Hörnfeldt, B., T. Hipkiss, and U. Eklund. 2005. Fading out of vole and predator cycles? Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 272: 2045–2049.       pdf

Hipkiss, T. 2007. Can migrating Tengmalm’s Owls Aegolius funereus be reliably sexed in autumn using simple morphometric measurements? Ringing and Migration 23: 201–204.       pdf

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Moss, E.H.R., T. Hipkiss, F. Ecke, H. Dettki, P. Sandström, P.H. Bloom, J.W. Kidd, S.E. Thomas, and B. Hörnfeldt. 2014. Home-range size and examples of post-nesting movements for adult Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in boreal Sweden. Journal of Raptor Research 48: 93–105.

Hipkiss, T., E. Moss, and B. Hörnfeldt. 2014. Variation in quality of Golden Eagle territories and a management strategy for wind farm projects in northern Sweden. Bird Study 61: 444–446.

Bloom, P.H., J.W. Kidd, S.E. Thomas, T. Hipkiss, B. Hörnfeldt & M.J. Kuehn. 2015. Trapping success of adult Golden Eagles in northern Sweden using carrion with bow nets. Journal of Raptor Research 49: 92–97.

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