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Alexandre Villers

Alexandre Villers


Currently postdoc in the team of Erkki Korpimäki, on ecological traps, intraguild predation, population regulation, with several bird's of prey as study model (Tengmalm, Pygmy and Eagle Owls, Kestrels,Golden Eagle, Goshawk). Former PhD at the CEBC CNRS (Chizé lab) in Western France. Involved in a program on the wintering ecology of Montagu's Harrier and Lesser Kestrel in Senegal. Research on density dependent processes in Golden Eagle population dynamics.

Section of Ecology
Department of Biology  University of Turku
Turku,    20014  Finland
Phone: 0035823335039
Email: alexandre.villers@utu.fi

   Research Interests

Population regulation and density dependence
Allee Effects

Species of Interest: 
  • Circus pygargus
  • Falco tinnunculus
  • Aquila chrysaetos
  • Falco naumanni
  • Accipiter gentilis


Bretagnolle, V., A. Villers, L. Denonfoux, T. Cornulier, P. Inchausti, and I. Badenhausser. 2011. Rapid recovery of a depleted population of Little Bustards Tetrax tetrax following provision of alfalfa through an agri-environment scheme. Ibis 153:4-13.       pdf

Brodier, S., B. Pisanu, A. Villers, E. Pettex, M. Lioret, J.-L. Chapuis, and V. Bretagnolle. 2011. Responses of seabirds to the rabbit eradication on Ile Verte, sub-Antarctic Kerguelen Archipelago. Animal Conservation 14:459-465.       pdf

Fasce, P.. L. Fasce, A. Villers, F. Bergese, and V. Bretagnolle. 2011. Long-term breeding demography and density dependence in an increasing population of Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos. Ibis 153:581-591.        pdf

Sternalski, A., F. Mougeot, C. Eraud, B. Gangloff, A. Villers, and V. Bretagnolle. 2010. Carotenoids in nestling Montagu’s harriers: variations according to age, sex, body condition and evidence for diet-related limitations. Journal of Comparative Physiology B 180:33-43.       pdf

Villers, A., A. Millon, F. Jiguet, J.-M. Lett, C. Attie, M.B. Morales, and V. Bretagnolle. 2010. Migration of wild and captive-bred Little Bustards Tetrax tetrax: releasing birds from Spain threatens attempts to conserve declining French populations. Ibis 152:254-261.       pdf

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