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Sundev Gombobaatar

Sundev Gombobaatar


Mr Gombobaatar Sundev earned M.Sc. (1996) and Ph.D. (2006) degrees. He completed his post doctorate programme in Ben Gurion University, Israel in 2007-2008 and Vienna Natural History Museum, Austria in 2013-2014. He is presently professor of the National University of Mongolia (NUM), where he has won several teaching awards. Dr. Sundev Gombobaatar has been involved in more than 30 research/conservation projects on a diverse range of birds of Mongolia. He is professional ringer and has visited to German, British, Israel and Japanese institutions. He has been lecturing and mentoring generations of young ornithologists in Mongolia for last 20 years and well known university teacher and bird conservationist. Dr. Gomboo is also well known bird expert abroad and has been serving more than 10 duties in ornithology and other areas including a National Coordinator of Asian Water Bird Census of the Wetland International (2012-present), National focal point for Mongolia for the Scientific and Technical review panel (STRP) of the Ramsar Convention, Mongolia (2010-present), Regional expert of Palearctic region, Raptor Research Foundation Conservation Committee, USA (2010-present), National representative of the ARRCN, Japan (2008-present), Honour member of the Oriental Bird Club, UK (2004-present) etc... He is a founder and general director of the Mongolian Ornithological Society since 1999, a chief Editor of the Ornis Mongolica Journal and International coordinator and initiator of the Mongolian Bird Rarities Committee. He has conducted research on the Saker Falcon in Mongolia for a decade and completed his book, "Saker Falcon in Mongolia" in 2013. Recently, his challenge is to complete two large scales books, Birds of Mongolia. The book will be all about birds of Mongolia and birding Mongolia. For more information, see http://www.mos.mn.

National University of Mongolia and Mongolian Ornithological Society
P.O. Box 537  
Ulaanbaatar,  Mongolia  210646A  Mongolia
Phone: 976-99180148 (mobile); 976-11-323-970 (office) Fax: 976-11-320-159
Email: info@mos.mn; gomboo@num.edu.mn

   Research Interests

Taxonomy, biology, ecology and conservation of raptors, waders, water birds, cranes and passerines.

Species of Interest: 
  • Bearded Vulture
  • Lesser Kestrel
  • Eagle Owl
  • Steppe Eagle
  • Upland Buzzard
  • Saker Falcon


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Martin Gilbert, Ruth Tingay, Losolmaa Jambal, Nadia Sureda, Colin Gilbert, Batmunkh Davaasuren and Gombobaatar Sundev. (2014). Distribution and status of the Pallas’s Fish Eagle Haliaeetus leucoryphus in Mongolia: a cause for conservation concern? Bird Conservation International (2014) 0 :1 – 10 . doi:10.1017/S0959270913000543. (in English)

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