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Bernadus Setyawan

Bernadus Setyawan


Birdwatcher from Indonesia, prefering raptors, especially Javan Hawk-eagle. Member of joint raptor Indonesia network (RAIN), and I manage the Kutilang Indonesia Birdwatching Club. I am a grantee of an Asian Raptor Research grant in September 2008.I participated Asian raptor research and conservation network Arrcn 4th symposium at Taiping malaysia at october 2005.

Orangutan Foundation UK
Jl Merak 34 Pangkalan Bun Kalimantan Tengah Indonesia  
Kotawaringin Barat,  Indonesia  Indonesia
Phone: +6285292680430
Email: senyumlangit@yahoo.com

   Research Interests

research in species and survey..field action..manage community and doing voluntary based activity

Species of Interest: 
  • Accipiter soloensis
  • Accipiter gularis
  • Javan Hawk-eagle


No publication information is available from this site.

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