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Scott Ford

Scott Ford


-DVM, 1998, Washington State University -Dipl. ABVP-Avian, 2006, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners

Avian Specialty Veterinary Services of Alaska
PO Box 404  
Oakley,  CA  94561  United States
Phone: 360-271-7000 Fax: 206-201-5251
Email: akeaglevet@yahoo.com

   Research Interests

Currently I am an avian-exclusive veterinarian with a special interest in wild birds. Because of my medical background with both wild and companion birds, I have had the opportunity to practice a wide variety of surgical procedures and diagnostic modalities on a variety of species. I am interested in improving and expanding our capabilities in treating and studying birds or prey which will have applications to both medicine and research. In both regards, I hope to ultimately support conservation efforts, especially on any species of wild raptor.

Species of Interest: 
Bald Eagle


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