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Janet Hamber

Janet Hamber


For 30 years I have been involved with the California Condor Research Program. Presently I am in charge of a database which consists of over 4,500 articles about the condor. Each document is entered into the computerized database and is represented by a hard copy of each entry. The collection of condor material also includes field notes of researchers up to 1987, along with slides and photos of the 1980s research effort. Beginning in 1976, I began a field study of a pair of condors nesting in Santa Barbara County's back country. This study continued up to the death of the female and the capture of the male in Dec. 1986 The Museum is still a coooperator with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service so I still go out in the field to assist in the California Condor Recovery Program. I was educated at Cornell University, studying under Dr. Arthur A. Allen.

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
2559 Puesta del Sol  
Santa Barbara,  California  93105  United States
Phone: 805-967-6549 x 180 Fax: 805-569-3170
Email: jhamber@sbnature2.org

   Research Interests

As the manager of the California Condor Information System at the Museum, I am always interested in any documents, books or research reports pertaining to this species.

Species of Interest: 
California Condor


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