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Don Scott

Don Scott


I have scientifically studied the breeding ecology and diet of the Hen Harrier (Circus cyaneus), in Northern Ireland since 1986 and also in the UK and Europe. In 1991, I discovered this species tree nesting, on the boles and side-branches of deformed Sitka Spruce trees, with nests ranging in height from 2-13m high. Evidence found below the 1991 nest suggested that the same site was occupied in 1990. To date N.Ireland remains the only country throughout the Hen Harrier's vast European range where this occurs annually. Harriers here also utilise the vacated tree nests during the winter months and roost occasionally in the tops of tall conifers due to poor ground cover and to avoid predation from numerous Red Foxes. I have now personally studied 15 of the worlds 16 species, plus the one recognised subspecies - harterti, in either their breeding or wintering grounds. In April 2007, I am hoping to visit Papua New Guinea, where the final species and little known Papuan Harrier resides, with fellow harrier colleague Rob Simmons, from South Africa. This species will hopefully conclude my book on Harriers, which I am working on at present. I have written or co-written over 40-papers on raptors, mainly harriers, and also lecture to birding groups throughout Ireland the UK and even Europe. I also visit schools of all ages with my captive bred Owls, to stress to children of all ages the importance and conservation of birds of prey in N.Ireland and elsewhere.In September 2001, I gained a degree in Biology from the Institute of Biology in London from my long-term studies of the Hen Harrier in N.Ireland. In January 2007, I was made a Research Associate, in the School of Biological Sciences, in Queen's University, Belfast.

Independent researcher
6, Grangewood Lane.  
Dundonald.,  Co. Down.  BT16. 1GH.  Northern Ireland
Phone: 02890- 418847.
Email: theowlman46@hotmail.com

   Research Interests

Harriers of the world!

Species of Interest: 
  • Circus cinereus
  • Circus aeruginosus
  • Circus approximans
  • Circus assimilis
  • Circus buffoni
  • Circus cyaneus
  • Circus hudsonius
  • Circus macrourus
  • Circus maillardi
  • Circus maurus
  • Circus melanoleucus
  • Circus pygargus
  • Circus ranivorus
  • Circus spilonotus


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