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Francesco Germi

Francesco Germi


During the '80s and '90s I was involved in field studies on Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons and Egyptian Vultures in central and southern Italy (CIPR-LIPU).
Since 2003, with the Lothian & Borders Raptor Study Group (Scotland), I am monitoring the breeding success of a Peregrine Falcon population in coastal SE Scotland.
From 2004 onward I am coordinating a raptor migration research project in eastern Indonesia and New Guinea.

46 (2F2) Elm Row  
Edinburgh,    EH7 4AH  United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0)7446264943
Email: fgermi@yahoo.co.uk

   Research Interests

Raptor migration in SE Asia. Peregrine Falcon breeding ecology. Forest Eagles in Indonesia.

Species of Interest: 
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Sulawesi Serpent Eagle
  • Crested Serpent Eagle
  • Chinese Sparrowhawk
  • Japanese Sparrowhawk
  • Grey-faced Buzzard
  • Oriental Honey-buzzard


Germi, F. A. Salim & A. Minganti. 2013. First records of Chinese Sparrowhawk Accipiter soloensis wintering in Papua (Indonesian New Guinea). Forktail 29:43-47       pdf

Germi, F., G.S. Young, A. Salim, W. Pangimangen and M. Schellekens. 2009. Over-ocean raptor migration in a monsoon regime: spring and autumn 2007 on Sangihe, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Forktail 25:104-116.       pdf

Nijman, V., F. Germi, and S. van Balen. 2006. Relative status of two species of migrant sparrowhawks on Java and Bali, Indonesia. Emu 106:157-162.       pdf

Germi, F., and D. Waluyo. 2006. Additional information on the autumn migration of raptors in East Bali, Indonesia. Forktail 22:71-76.       pdf

Germi, F. 2005. Raptor migration in East Bali, Indonesia: observations from a bottleneck watch site. Forktail 21:93-98.       pdf

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