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Leo Legra

Leo Legra


I completed a BSc degree in biology in 2001 at the University of Papua New Guinea. In 2003 I was involved with a study on hunting and wildlife use in the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea. After completion of this study I wrote a proposal to study the Nesting ecology, habitat use and behavioural biology of the New Guinea Harpy Eagle in Papua New Guinea. The Peregrine Fund sponsored this project and I have been involved in this project for the past 3 years. During this time I wrote a thesis on the work that I did and graduated with a BSc first class honours degree.

Wildlife Conservation Society- PNG Country Programme
P.O. Box 277  
Goroka,  Eastern Highlands Province  441  New Guinea
Phone: 675 732 3836 Fax: 675 732 3837
Email: llegra@global.net.pg

   Research Interests

My interests are raptor habitat selection, use and preference. The habitats that a raptor species is selecting whether to roost, breed or as a territory to hunt in are important aspects that would aid raptor conservation. Nesting ecology and raptor behavioural biology are as important and are areas that I am interested in. Cultural and traditional usage of raptor species parts like feathers, meat and in folklore are important issues that I would like to research so that conservation of raptor populations can be enhanced to ensure continuation of such traditional practises.
The species of raptors that I am interested in are those that are used by people to a large extent in Papua New Guinea, whether for their feathers or for their meat, e.g, New Guinea Harpy Eagles, Long-tailed Buzzards, etc. I am also interested in the endangered raptor species of Papua New Guinea and hope to study these birds in the near future.

Species of Interest: 
  • Black Winged Kite
  • Sanford's Sea Eagle
  • Whistling kite
  • Papuan Harrier
  • Long-tailed Buzzard
  • New Guinea Harpy Eagle


Legra, L.A.T. 2005. Nest-site selection and behavioral biology of the New Guinea Harpy Eagle. B.Sc. thesis, The University of Papua New Guinea, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea.

Legra, L., X. Li, and A.T. Peterson. 2008. Biodiversity and consequences of sea level rise in New Guinea. Pacific Conservation Biology 14:191-199.

Simmons, R., and L.A.T. Legra. 2009. Is the Papuan Harrier Circus spilonotus spilothorax a globally threatened species? Ecology, climate change threats and first population estimates from Papua New Guinea. Bird Conservation International 19:379-391.

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