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Jayson Ibañez

Jayson Ibañez


A BS Biology graduate of the University of the Philippines in Los Banos with a specialization in wildlife ecology. Currently taking up a Master's Degree in Zoology at the Ateneo de Davao University and is a Coordinator for the Field Research Program of the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

Philippine Eagle Foundation
VAL Learning Village, Ruby Street, Marfori Heights  
Davao City,    8000  Philippines
Phone: 06382-224-3021 Fax: 06382-224-3022
Email: falcon2car@yahoo.com

   Research Interests

Breeding behavior
Food habits
Experimental releases and reintroductions
Home range and habitat use
Prey base

Species of Interest: 
  • Pinsker's Hawk-eagle
  • Philippine Hawk-eagle
  • Philippine Eagle


Miranda, H.C., Jr., and J.C. Ibañez. 2006. A modified bal-chatri to capture Great Philippine Eagles for radiotelemetry. Journal of Raptor Research 40:235-237.       pdf

Miranda, H., Jr., D.I. Salvador, K. Gatil, J. Ibañez, D. Afan, G.L. Bueser, and G.B. Ibanez. 2003. (Abstract) Updates on the nesting biology and population status of the Philippine Eagle Pithecophaga jeffreyi. P. 215 in D. Prawiradilaga (ed.), Proceedings Asian Raptor Research Conservation: Second Symposium on Raptors of Asia, Grand Aquila, Bandung, Indonesia, 25-27 July 2000. Indonesian Committee for the Second Symposium of Asian Raptor Research and Conservation, Cibinong, Indonesia.

Ibañez, J.C., H.C. Miranda, Jr., G. Balaquit-Ibañez, D.S. Afan, and R.S. Kennedy. 2003. Notes on the breeding behavior of a Philippine Eagle pair at Mount Sinaka, central Mindanao. Wilson Bulletin 115:333-335.       pdf

Tadena, D.O., D.I Salvador, and J.C. Ibañez. 2002. (Abstract) Conservation breeding of Philippine Eagles: three decades of challenges and milestones. Pp. 19, 78 in Conferencia sobre Aves Rapaces Neotropicales y Simposio del Águila Arpía. Fondo Peregrino, Panamá City, Panamá.

Miranda, H.C., Jr., D.I. Salvador, J.C. Ibañez, and G.A. Balaquit-Ibañez. 2000. Summary of Philippine Eagle reproductive success, 1978-98. Journal of Raptor Research 34:37-41.

Bueser, G.L.L., D.S. Afan, G.A. Balaquit, K.M. Gatil, and J.C. Ibañez. 1999. Distribution and conservation of the Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) in Davao Oriental and Davao Province. Sylvatrop 8:114-119.

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