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Neil Deacon

Neil Deacon


Born Zimbabwe 1970. Schooled Falcon College, Zimbabwe. B.Sc., majors Entomolgy & Zoology, B.Sc. Hons in Fisheries Science, PhD in Ichthyology all at Rhodes University , South Africa. Currently Managing Dir. of group of companies (pharmaceutical & food manf.)in Harare, Zimbabwe. Practicing B-Grade Falconer, Zimbabwe Falconer's Club (ZFC). Volunteer researcher and research co-ordinator for ZFC.

Zimbabwe Falconer's Club
P.O.Box 2986 (postal)  7 Telford Road, Graniteside (physical)
Harare,    Zimbabwe
Phone: 04 770452/8 (work 8.00 - 16.30 CAT), home phone - Fax: 04 770459
Email: neil@dab.co.zw or neilnix@icabs.co.zw

   Research Interests

Diurnal southern African raptors:
Status and conservation of Taita Falcons (Falco fasciinucha, including captive breeding.
Feeding and reproductive biology of competing eagle species. Ultimately to complete a community study. Lead researcher Angus Middleton and unpub. data from Ron Hartley.
Monitoring of environmental pollutants (heavy metals, pesticides, PCB's) through egg analysis.
Utilization of urban environments by raptors.
Nesting behaviour, reproduction and development of poorly known raptor species.

Species of Interest: 
  • Southern Banded Snake-eagle
  • Western Banded Snake-eagle
  • African Hobby
  • Red-necked Falcon
  • Teita Falcon
  • African Hawk-eagle
  • Ayres's Hawk-eagle
  • Crowned Eagle
  • Martial Eagle
  • Tawny Eagle
  • Verreaux's Eagle


Deacon, N., R.R. Hartley, and T. Tanser. 2002. Observations on Lanner and Peregrine Falcons breeding in the city of Harare. Honeyguide 48:212-218.

Deacon, N.R., and D.V. Rockingham-Gill. 2009. Raptor survey in miombo woodland, Umfurudzi Safari area, Shamva District, Zimbabwe: preliminary results. Gabar 19:2-9.

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