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Oscar Beingolea

Oscar Beingolea


I was born in California,USA, but raised in Peru. My interest in raptors developed as a result of my former interest in Falconry.
I have successfully flown Accipiter bicolor, Peregrine falcon, Aplomado falcon and, lately, Orange-breasted. I worked as a professional falconer in Fundacion Ara, Mexico. As a raptor biologist I did some banding on Tundra peregrines migrating through Padre Island, TX (fall 1988 and fall 1990),Ecuador(1988) conducted banding studies in Peru (1988-1995)and Mexico (1996-1997)
I have conducted research on Peruvian peregrine falcons, locating over 11 active pairs in Lima (first ones ever recorded at 12 in South America).
I have also conducted research on Orange-breasted falcon in Peru, locating two active pairs in 2002. Since year 2,000 I became involved in raptor propagation and helped as a consultant for the Huayco Raptor breeding facility in Lima.

Independent researcher
Phone: 00514482727 Fax: ------------
Email: bicolored@yahoo.com

   Research Interests

My highest interest is studying the biology of the Orange-breasted falcon, Peregrine Falcon and the little known neotropical accipiters such as the Gray-bellied goshawk (Accipiter poliogaster).
Other Accipiter species I have interest on are the Accipiter bicolor and Accipiter superciliosus.
I also do some research on captive raptor propagation. In my opinion the breeding cycle of wild neotropical raptors deserves a larger study. But variation among the pairs of the same species, differences in laying span or different timing may be concluded from studying the captive breeding of raptors. These conclusions may be useful for the understanding of the different potential of each species, as a way to enlarge production and ensure the future reintroduction or captive produced stock and handling of wild population.
I'm currently involved in breeding raptor species such as Bicolored hawk, Tiny hawk, Aplomado falcon, Bat falcon, Peregrine falcon and Ornate hawk-eagle. These species have been successfuly bred at the Huayco.
We aim to breed other raptor species such as Oroaetus isidori, Spizaetus tyrannus, Spizastur melanoleucus and Falco deiroleucus.

Species of Interest: 
  • Black and chesnut eagle
  • Tiny Hawk
  • Bicolored Hawk
  • Ornate Hawk-eagle
  • Gray-bellied Goshawk
  • Aplomado Falcon
  • Orange-breasted Falcon
  • Peregrine Falcon


Beingolea M., O. 1991. A deal with a Neotropical accipiter. Journal of the North American Falconry Association 30:10-14.

Beingolea,O. 2005. The Orange-Breasted Falcon. Observations of an Intermewed Passage Orange-Breasted Falcon. American Falconry, Winter 2005. Vol.40

Beingolea,O., and C.M.White. 2003. First breeding record for Falco peregrinus in urban Lima, Peru, with remarks on the Peruvian breeding population. Journal of Raptor Research 37:84-85.       pdf

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