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Renzo Piana

Renzo Piana


Director of project "Investigation of the biology of the Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) at the Infierno Native Community, Bahuaja Sonene National Park and Tambopata National Reserve, Madre de Dios, a project, founded by The Peregrine Fund and American Bird Conservancy.The researcher discovered 10 active harpy eagle nests, the first registered for the species in Peru.
Director of project "Management of tropical raptor species for ecotourism at the Infierno Native Community".
Research on “Use of raptors as environmental indicators” at the Tambopata river.
20 years of active falconry, now flying a male bicolored hawk.

Instituto del Bien Comun; Rainforest Expeditions
Cavenecia 210 F  
Lima,  Lima  Lima 27  Peru
Phone: 00 511 442 3976
Email: micrastursp@yahoo.ca

   Research Interests

Neotropical eagles (Harpia, Spizaetus, Spizastur, Morphnus). Neotropical falcons and Micrasturs.
Neotropical accipiters.

Species of Interest: 
  • Falco deiroleucus
  • Falco rufigularis
  • Harpia harpyja
  • Morphnus guianensis
  • Spizaetus ornatus
  • Spizaetus tyrannus
  • Spizastur melanoleucus


Piana, R.P. 2016. Potential distribution, absolute density, and population size of Gray-backed Hawks (Pseudastur occidentalis) in a protected area in northwest Peru. Journal of Field Ornithology 87(2):133-142.       pdf

Piana, R.P. and S.J. Marsden. 2014. Impacts of cattle grazing on forest structure and raptor distribution within a neotropical protected area. Biodiversity and Conservation doi: 10.1007/s10531-013-0616-z       pdf

Piana, R.P. 2013. Ecology and conservation of a diurnal raptor community within a protected area in northwestern Peru. PhD thesis, Manchester Metropolitan University.       pdf

Piana, R.P., and S.J. Marsden. 2012. Diversity, community structure, and niche characteristics within a diurnal raptor assemblage of northwestern Peru. Condor 114:279-289.       pdf

Piana, R.P. 2011. Las rapaces diurnas del Parque Nacional Cerros de Amotape y la Reserva Nacional de Tumbes [[The diurnal raptors of Cerros de Amotape National Park and Tumbes National Reserve]. Boletín Informativo UNOP 6:4-8. (In Spanish with English summary)

Piana, R.P., S. Crespo, F. Angulo, E. Ormaeche, and M. Alzamora. 2010. Grey Hawk Buteo nitidus and Ornate Hawk-eagle Spizaetus ornatus in north-west Peru. Cotinga 32:37-39.

Piana, R.P. 2007. [Nesting and diet of Harpia harpyja Linnaeus in the native community of Madre de Dios, Peru]. Revista de Peruana Biología 14:135-138. (In Spanish)

Piana, R.P. 2003. Ecotourism and Harpy Eagle conservation. Bird Conservation 2003:4.

Piana, R.P. 2002. (Abstract) Distribution and abundance of the Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) in Peru [Distribución y abundancia del Águila (Harpia harpyja) en Perú]. Pp. 12-13 in Conferencia sobre Aves Rapaces Netoropicales y Simposio del Águila Arpía. Fondo Peregrino - Panamá, Panamá City.

Piana, R.P. 2002. (Abstract) The Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) in the Infierno native community, Madre de Dios, Peru [El Águila Arpía (Harpia harpyja) en la comunidad nativa de Infierno]. Pp. 11-22 in Conferencia sobre Aves Rapaces Netoropicales y Simposio del Águila Arpía. Fondo Peregrino - Panamá, Panamá City.

Angulo, F., and R.P. Piana. 2011. Records of Semi-collared Hawk Accipiter collaris in northern Peru. Cotinga 33:87–89.

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