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Marco Granzinolli

Marco Granzinolli


Granzinolli received his B.S. in biology at Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (1999) and his master in Ecology from Universidade de São Paulo (2003). In 2009 he obtanied a PhD degree from Universidade de São Paulo. Since the undergraduate his started working with ecology and conservation of birds of prey, mainly feeding ecology, habitat use/selection and home range. He was visiting research at New South Wales State Forest, Australia (2004) and visiting PhD candidate at Cornell University, USA (2007). Granzinolli is founder member of the Brazilian Governmental Committee of Birds of Prey, and he teaches several courses about raptors. He made over 30 presentations in national and international meetings, published 15 papers in scientific journals, one book chapter about birds of prey techniques studies and co-authored the Action Plain to Brazilian Birds of Prey.

Universidade de São Paulo
Departamento de Ecologia  Rua do Matão, Travessa 14, n 321
São Paulo,  São Paulo  05508-900  Brazil
Phone: 55+11-3091-7606
Email: mgranzi@usp.br

   Research Interests

Habitat use and habitat selection Feeding ecology Home-range (telemetry) Savanna grassland species Neotropical raptor ecology Population ecology

Species of Interest: 
  • Parabuteo unicinctus
  • Harpyhaliaetus coronatus
  • Aplomado Falcon
  • Laughing Falcon
  • Savanna Hawk
  • White-tailed Hawk


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Motta-Junior, J.C. and Granzinolli, M.A.M. 2004. Consumption of a Ringed Kingfisher (Megaceryle torquata) by a White-tailed Hawk (Buteo albicaudatus) in southeastern Brazil. Journal of Raptor Research 38(2):191.

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Granzinolli, M.A. M. and Motta-Junior, J. C. 2006. Predation on the Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) and consumption of the Campo Flicker (Colaptes campestris) by the Aplomado Falcon (Falco femoralis) in Brazil. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia 14(4):453-454.

Granzinolli, M.A.M.,Pereira R. J. and Motta-Junior, J. C.. 2006. The Crowned Solitary-eagle Harpyhaliaetus coronatus (Accipitridae) in the cerrado of Estação Ecológica de Itirapina, southeast Brazil.Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia 14(4):429-432.

Cabral, J. C., Granzinolli, M. A. M. and Motta-Junior, J. C. 2006. Dieta do quiriquiri, Falco sparverius (Aves: Falconiformes), na Estação Ecológica de Itirapina, SP. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia 14(4):393-399. [Diet of the American Kestrel, Falco sparverius (Aves: Falconiformes), in the Ecological Station of Itirapina, São Paulo State,Brazil].

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Salvador-Jr., L. F.;Salim,L. B.,Pinheiro, M. and M. A. M. Granzinolli. 2008. Observations of a nest of the Black-chested Buzzard-eagle Buteo melanoleucus (Accipitridae) in a large urban center in southeast Brazil. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia 16(2): 125-130

Pereira, R.G., M.A.M. Granzinolli, F.M. Barros and J. M. Barbanti. 2009. Influence of Radiotransmitters on Fecal Glucocorticoid Levels of Free-Ranging Male American Kestrels. Journal of Wildlife Management 73(5):772-778.

Pereira, R. J. G. ; Granzinolli, M.A.M. ; Barbanti, J. M.2010. Annual profile of fecal androgen and glucocorticoid levels in free-living male American kestrels from southern mid-latitude areas. General and Comparative Endocrinology 166:94-103.

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