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Cesar Sanchez

Cesar Sanchez


Born in Cartago, Costa Rica. Since he was a kid, got interested in animals, especially on birds of prey. In 2003 got his B.S. in Biology at Universidad de Costa Rica, and two years latter got his Zoology Degree (Habitat influence and geographic isolation on song structure and morphology of five species of Catharus (Turdidae). Now is about to start a Ph.D. at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since 2004 is a Board Member of the Neotropical Raptor Network, and member of the Eagle Conservation Alliance. Some ongoing projects are: IBA´s Manual of Costa Rica, Vocal versatility in males Scaly-breasted Hummingbirds, and Vocal phenology in the Harpy Eagle.

Unión de Ornitólogos de Costa Rica
Louisiana State University, Museum of Natural Science  LSU 119 Foster Hall
Baton Rouge,  Louisiana  70803  United States
Phone: (225) 578-5393 Fax: (225) 578-3075
Email: harpyhaliaetus@yahoo.com

   Research Interests

Vocal communication of birds, and how this behavior evolves within a clade.
Conservation and biogeography of Costa Rican endemic species.
Ecology of Neotropical raptors, including behavior of migrants wintering at tropical latitudes.
Migratory patterns along Costa Rica pathways.

Species of Interest: 
  • Buteo platypterus
  • Harpia harpyja
  • Leucopternis princeps


Barrantes, G., C. Sánchez, B. Hilje, & R. Jaffé. 2008. Male song variation of Green Violet-Ear (Colibri thalassinus) in the Talamanca mountain range, Costa Rica. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 120(3):519–524

Sánchez, C. 2007. How much do raptors vocalize: generalities, importance and the need for song studies. in : Bildstein, K. L., D, R. Barber, & A. Zimmerman (eds.). Neotropical Raptors. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Pennsylvania, USA.

Sánchez, C. 2005. Nests and eggs description of the Slaty Finch (Haplospiza rustica), breeding behavior, and male song. Ornitologia Neotropical 16: 493–501.

Sánchez, C. 2002. Nest and eggs of the Snowy Cotinga (Carpodectes nitidus): with some notes on its nesting ecology. Wilson Bulletin 114: 517-519.

Sánchez, C., & R. Muñiz. 2007. Vocalizations of the Harpy Eagle. in Muñiz R. (ed). Cunsi Pindo, La señora de los monos. Imprenta Mariscal, Ecuador.

Sánchez, C., V. Ruiz-Gutiérrez, & D. Martínez-A. 2007. Description of Male Vocalizations of the Turquoise Cotinga (Cotinga ridgwayi). The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 119(3):455–458.

Sánchez J. E., J. Criado, M. Marín, C. Sánchez, L. Sandoval, & D. Martínez, 2007. Participemos en la conservación de las aves en Costa Rica. FUNGAP y Unión de Ornitólogos de Costa Rica. San José. Costa Rica.

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