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Randolph Andrews

Randolph Andrews


Neuroscientist (FDG-PET) involved in the drug development process.

322 S. Green  Suite 202
Chicago,  IL  60607  United States
Phone: 312-602-5517
Email: randrews@miicro.com

   Research Interests

I am interested in eagles, owls, and shrikes (this list will likely expand and explicit taxonomic designations will be presented in the near future).
While I am not a dedicated ornithologist, I've maintained a long interest in the visual and auditory adaptations unique to raptors. As neuroimaging advances now include "offbeat" species such as cetaceans (eg., see Marino) I sense that it is only a matter of time until we are able to make use of functional neuroimaging with avian models to advance our understanding of disease process (specifically disorders of attention , perception, and spatial cognition).
See MARINO L,UHEN MD, PYENSON ND, FROHLICH B. Reconstructing Cetacean Brain Evolution Using Computed Tomography. ANATOMICAL RECORD (PART B: NEW ANAT.) 272B:107117, 2003.

Species of Interest: 
Cathartes aura


No publication information is available from this site.

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