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Jessi L. Brown

Jessi L. Brown


After an uneventful childhood in southwestern Ohio, I became particularly interested in raptors after becoming best friends with a falconer at my undergraduate institution, Ohio Wesleyan University. My first wildlife field studies involved insects and passerines, but in 1998 I worked for The Peregrine Fund as a hack site attendant for the Aplomado Falcon reintroduction project. Immediately after that experience, I ran off to Africa and joined the Peace Corps, where I helped develop a Community-based Natural Resources Management program in Iringa district, Tanzania. From there I moved one country north to Kenya, and helped Simon Thomsett with his efforts to reintroduce the Lammergeier to Hell's Gate National Park. Once back in the states, I worked with passerines again in Arizona before rejoining the Aplomado Falcon project in southern Texas. Eventually I persuaded Dr. Michael Collopy at the University of Nevada-Reno to accept me into his Raptor Ecology Lab, and so have since been working on my M.S. studying the nesting ecology of the reintroduced Aplomado Falcons in Texas. Along the way I acquired my falconry license and a bird-dog, and try to spend as much time as possible exploring northern Nevada's wild country. I finished my M.S. in December 2005, and have continued in Nevada as a Ph.D. student in the Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology program. My dissertation will be on the ecology of the Southeastern American Kestrel (Falco sparverius paulus) in north-central Florida.

University of California Davis
3874 Zoe Lane  
Reno,  NV  89519  United States
Email: jessilbrown@gmail.com

   Research Interests

-Ecology, evolution, and population dynamics of raptors -Hunting behavior, especially cooperation

Species of Interest: 
  • Falco sparverius
  • Micronisus gabar
  • Falco hypoleucos
  • Falco berigora
  • Falco chicquera
  • Aplomado Falcon


Brown, J.L., and M.W. Collopy. 2012. Bayesian hierarchical model assessment of nest site and landsscape effects on nest survival of Aplomado Falcons. Journal of Wildlife Management 76:800-812.

Brown, Jessi L., and Michael W. Collopy. 2008. Nest-site characteristics affect daily nest-survival rates of Northern Aplomado Falcons (Falco femoralis septentrionalis). Condor 125:105-112.        pdf

Brown, Jessi L., Michael W. Collopy, Erin J. Gott, and Paul W. Juergens. 2005. Dealing with pseudoreplication in Aplomado Falcon nest productivity data with generalized linear mixed models. Poster presentation, Cooper Ornithological Society Meeting, Humboldt State Univ., Arcata, CA.

Brown, Jessi L., Michael W. Collopy, Erin J. Gott, and Paul W. Juergens. 2005. Apparent survival and recruitment rates of Aplomado Falcons differ due to origin and study site. Paper presentation, American Ornithological Union Meeting, Santa Barbara, Ca.

Brown, J.L., M.W. Collopy, E.J. Gott, P.W. Juergens, A.B. Montoya, and W.G. Hunt. 2006. Wild-reared Aplomado Falcons survive and recruit at higher rates than hacked falcons in a common environment. Biological Conservation 131:453-458.       pdf

Brown, Jessi L., Erin J. Gott and Paul W. Juergens. 2004. Strangers in a strange land: lower apparent survival and recruitment rates for hacked than wild-reared Aplomado Falcons. Paper presentation, Raptor Research Foundation Meeting, Bakersfield, CA.

Brown, Jessi L., William R. Heinrich, J. Peter Jenny, and Brian D. Mutch. 2004. Development of hunting behavior in hacked Aplomado Falcons. J. Raptor Res. 38(2):148-152.       pdf

Brown, Jessi L. and J. Peter Jenny. 2003. Update on the restoration of the Aplomado Falcon to the southwestern U.S. Paper presentation, Raptor Research Foundation Meeting, Anchorage, AK.

Brown, Jessi L., Angel B. Montoya, Erin J. Gott, and Marta Curti. 2003. Piracy as an important foraging method of Aplomado Falcons in southern Texas and northern Mexico. Wilson Bull. 115(4):357-359.       pdf

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