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John Beaumont

John Beaumont


As a volunteer: Began in Mauritius as hack-site attendant.Studied raptor migration - Israel. Barn Owl predation ecology -Seychelles. 1996 Univesity of Lancaster, BSc in Field Biology and Habitat Management. MSc Conservation Biology, Manchester Metropolitan University 1998. Danum Valley Field Centre, Malaysian Borneo - Songbird feeding ecology in disturbed rainforest. Admin - British Council, Manchester 1998 -2000. 2004 - set up the Pantanal Institute in Brazil - science writing, proof-reading and translating papers on raptor biology and facilitating documentary-makers with raptor filming in the Pantanal.

The Pantanal Institute
Cuiaba,  Mato Grosso  Brazil
Phone: +55 (0) 65 3644 2331 Fax: +55( 65) 3644 2331
Email: john.beaumont@pantanalinstitute.com

   Research Interests

Management of a criadouro in Brazil. Habitat change in relation to land use.

Species of Interest: 
  • Caracara plancus
  • Rupornis magnirostris
  • Buteogallus meridionalis


Beaumont, J. 2005. An instance of cooperative hunting in Great Black Hawks in Brazil. 2005. International Hawkwatcher 10:16.

Safford, R. J., & Beaumont, J. 1996. Observations on the Biology of the Mauritius Cuckoo-shrike Coracina typica. Ostrich 67:15-22.

These are my key publications. During 2008 I translated or revised 175 texts, totalling approximately 220,000 words, as part of my Directorship of the Pantanal Institute. This earned income was ploughed back into my raptor research.

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