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Angel B. Montoya

Angel B. Montoya


Angel has been interested in wildlife since early childhood, especially in bird identification. He obtained both his BS and MS degrees from New Mexico State University. In 1992 Angel discovered a remnant population of Aplomado Falcons in Chihuahua, Mexico. In 1995 he complete the first ever study on the Aplomado Falcon in the Chihuahuan Desert. From 1995- 1999 he worked as a Refuge Biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. In 1996 in collaboration with The Peregrine Fund he began a long-term monitoring project of the Aplomado Falcon in Chihuahua. Angel joined The Peregrine Fund in 1999 as a biologist on the Aplomado Falcon Restoration Project. Since then he has been working full time on efforts to re-establish the Aplomado Falcon back to its former range. Angel hobbies include hunting, fishing, hiking and bird watching.

The Peregrine Fund
100 E. Hadley Ave.  
Las Cruces,  New Mexico  88001  United States
Phone: 1-505-523-5550 Fax: 1-505-523-2866
Email: abmontoya@zianet.com

   Research Interests

Aplomado Falcon, Grassland birds

Species of Interest: 
Aplomado Falcon


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Mora, M.A., A.B. Montoya, M.C. Lee, A. Macías-Duarte, R. Rodríguez-Salazar, P.W. Juergens, and A. Lafón-Terrazas. 2008. Persistent environmental pollutants in eggs of Aplomado Falcons from northern Chihuahua, Mexico, and South Texas, USA. Environment International 34:44-50.       pdf

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Jenny, J.P., W. Heinrich, A.B. Montoya, B. Mutch, C. Sandfort, and W.G. Hunt. 2004. Progress in restoring the Aplomado Falcon to southern Texas. Wildlife Society Bulletin 32:276-285.       pdf

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Montoya, A.B. 1995. Habitat characteristics, prey selection, and home ranges of the Aplomado Falcon in Chihuahua, Mexico. M.S. thesis, New Mexico State University.

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